About Us - Vineyard Manager

Vineyard Manager

Our vineyard manager comes from a long line of vignerons; 6 plus generations in fact Lance’s family has been involved in growing grapes and other produce. Beginning in the 1700’s in Austria, arriving in Australia 1949. Local lad Lance has always worked in the vineyard, gaining hands on and exclusive knowledge and experience from working alongside his Father and Grandmother. Whose fathers before them passed on the family’s trade and tradition.

Lance’s experience of 15 years in the Hunter Valley is of a great advantage to Wynwood Estate, because as he will tell you there are no two vintages alike. If you want a challenge grow grapes in the Hunter Valley, but then if you want premium quality, elegance and great balance of flavour grow grapes in the Hunter Valley. While nurturing the grapes is serious business, Lance is always in for a joke and a laugh an all round nice guy. Married to Kylie and 4 young sons there is no doubt the family heritage will continue.










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